Dr. Barbra Hanna & Staff

Our Story

Dr Barbra Hanna, a board certified gynecologist and certified menopause specialist saw a trend in her practice - patients were driving far distances for her menopause care. Most primary care physicians and Ob/Gyns receive little to no formal training treating menopause.

Women complained to her their symptoms were either ignored or dismissed. These same patients asked her to host support groups and advise on which social media groups and websites to join for education and support. She was constantly reminded that traditional insurance based doctor visits for menopause were expensive and time consuming.

Dr. Hanna quickly realized most women were not obtaining the menopause treatment and education they deserved. In late 2020, with the support of her trusted medical assistant, Michelle, she founded MyMenopauseRx with her son Steven, a software engineer in San Francisco.

Devoted to improving the quality of life of all women, Dr. Hanna envisioned an online doctor’s office and community that would empower women with hassle-free affordable menopause care. MyMenopauseRx was born. Currently we are transforming menopause care in Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Nevada, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming but the MyMenopauseRx team of specialists plan to transform menopause care in all 50 states!

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