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Covered By Health Insurance!



Frequently asked questions

MMRX Telehealth

Virtual Visits

1. Is my visit conducted with video or email?

All of our visits are conducted with live audio/video using HIPAA-compliant Zoom. We are human just like you and enjoy meeting the women we are treating. We believe healthcare visits conducted only via email or messaging are too impersonal for such personal decisions.

2. What is a video visit?

If you have ever “face timed” or been on a Zoom call, you have experienced a video visit. Our patients love them.

3. Is the video private?

Yes. Each video visit is conducted through our HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform connected to Zoom.

4. Can I schedule with the same provider each visit?

Yes. Our online doctor's office is built to foster lasting doctor/patient relationships. All of our menopause specialists follow healthcare guidelines aligned with The Menopause Society and The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. You can book any provider with confidence!

5. How long does each visit take?

We designed our online medical intake to gather your health history and symptoms you would like to find treatment prior to your live visit so all your face-to-face time is spent with your specialist designing your personalized treatment plan! Each video visit is 20 minutes of devoted face-to-face time with your specialist. The average amount of time a traditional OB/GYN spends with you face to face at your office visit is only 10 minutes!

6. Why do I need to complete such a detailed medical history?

MyMenopauseRx virtual care is an online doctor's office, practicing medicine with the same standard of care as in-person. Quality, personalized women's healthcare begins with obtaining your medical history and symptom tracking. Since there are over 32+ symptoms associated with menopause, tracking your symptoms and collecting your medical information before each visit allows us to provide you with the best care possible.

7. Do I have to enter my medical history again before each visit?

No. After your first visit, you will be asked to verify and update your previously entered medical history.

8. Do you check my hormone levels?

Maybe! We recommend lab testing personalized to your health needs. If you are curious, you can self-order lab testing at any time from your patient dashboard.

9. Will I need to have any testing prior to beginning hormone therapy?

No. If your menopause specialist recommends lab testing, an order will be provided at your visit.

10. How often do I need to have a visit?

Your visit schedule will be personalized to your needs but most women are seen every 3 months until they are feeling better.

11. Where can I find my care plan?

Right on your patient dashboard attached to your visit.

12. Where can I find my lab results?

Lab results are available on your patient dashboard.

13. Will MyMenopauseRx replace my Ob/Gyn?

No. We are your online doctor's office. Our care is designed to complement your in-person needs. Your general Ob/Gyn or primary care provider should remain your local go-to for your healthcare needs that require a physical exam.

Using Health Insurance

1. Do you take health insurance?

Yes. We are in-network for Aetna, Humana, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare and United Healthcare PPO plans. We are actively working on adding additional plans. At this time, we do not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or HMO plans. You can however still book an appointment at our discounted $99 self pay rate.

2. How do I know if MyMenopauseRx is in-network?

Your care coordinator will verify your coverage behind the scenes after you upload your insurance cards. However, we do recommend you double-check with your insurance plan to verify your coverage.

3. How much will my visit cost using my health insurance?

Each individual health insurance plan has its own rules that determine how much each healthcare visit will cost you out of pocket. Unfortunately, with so many plans, we can't know the exact details of each one. We recommend you call your insurance carrier for exact details.

After each healthcare visit, your health insurance plan will send you an explanation of benefits (EOB) explaining how each claim was processed and what you owe your medical provider.

Here we describe some of the common terms used to determine your out-of-pocket costs associated with PPO insurance:

  • Your total costs for a visit: This is the sum of your copay, deductible, and coinsurance. It also includes any amounts not covered by your individual health plan.
  • Amount billed: The amount your provider billed for the services rendered.
  • Amount covered (Allowed): This is the amount your healthcare plan will allow the provider to be paid based on your plan's contract with MyMenopauseRx.
  • Coinsurance: The percentage of the allowed amount you pay as your share of the bill. For example, if your plans pays 80% of the allowed amount, 20% would be your coinsurance.
  • Deductible: The amount you must pay before your health plan pays for contracted benefits. If your visit cost was applied to your deductible, that amount will be owed to MyMenopauseRx. If you have met your deductible and do not have coinsurance due, your visit will be covered completely by your health plan.

4. If I chose to use my health insurance, what is the process?

Using your health insurance at our MyMenopauseRx online doctor's office is the same standard procedure as using your health insurance for in-person care.

  • Select your appointment time and choose the option to use your health insurance.
  • Enter your health insurance information along with uploading a copy of the front and back of your insurance card plus a photo ID.
  • Enter a valid credit card for any co-pay and deductible amounts.
  • Behind the scenes, a MyMenopauseRx care coordinator will verify your insurance is current and any co-pay amount due. Your care coordinator will then notify you any amounts you owe before your card is charged! By law, we are required to collect your co-pay (if you have one) with your visit. MyMenopauseRx providers are considered specialists by your insurance.
  • If your insurance policy is determined to be invalid or MyMenopauseRx is out of network, your care coordinator will message you on your secure patient portal.
  • After your virtual visit is complete, MyMenopauseRx will send a bill to your health insurance company for payment.
  • Your health insurance company will process your claim according to your plan and pay MyMenopauseRx for your healthcare visit accordingly. Your health insurance company will send you an explanation of benefits with a breakdown of what they cover and what is considered patient responsibility. Patient responsibility is the amount you would owe to MyMenopauseRx for the virtual care you received.
  • Your personal cost of the visit (out-of-pocket expense) is determined by your health insurance, not MyMenopauseRx. Any portion of your visit that is determined to be your responsibility will billed to your credit card on file.

5. How do I obtain a receipt to submit to my FSA/HSA for reimbursement?

A copy of your receipt will automatically be emailed to you after you purchase a lab or virtual visit, if you choose to use our self-pay option. If you need assistance, our care coordinators are ready to assist. Just send a message from your patient dashboard.

Lab Orders

1. Will MyMenopauseRx order labs testing?

Yes. Your menopause specialist will order medically indicated lab testing. Your order will be available to print from your patient dashboard. You may use your health insurance for lab testing or pay our discounted self pay rates.

2. Can I use a local lab close to my home?

Yes. We utilize Quest Diagnostics nationwide. If you prefer to use an alternative lab, no problem. However, you will be responsible for uploading a PDF of the lab report to your patient dashboard.

3. Where can I view my lab results?

Lab results ordered by MyMenopauseRx and completed at Quest will be available on your patient dashboard.

4. What if I already had recommended labs completed?

Great! Just let us know at your visit. Please do not upload any reports to your patient dashboard unless your menopause specialist makes the request.

5. Can I use my health insurance to self-order my own labs?

No. Your health insurance company only covers lab testing orders for medical necessity. Your curiosity doesn't count to them! We recommend you use our self-pay lab testing to satisfy your healthcare curiosity.

6. Can I use my FSA/HSA to order my own labs?

Yes! Just send your MyMenopauseRx receipt along with any required paperwork to your benefit administrator or choose to pay for your labs with your FSA/HSA card.

7. If I self-order labs without using my health insurance, do I have to use Quest Diagnostics?

Yes. We are only contracted with Quest Diagnostics for lab testing.


1. Do you prescribe compounded bioidentical hormone therapy?

No. We prescribe FDA-approved treatments that are covered by most health insurance plans.

2. Do you prescribe testosterone?

Testosterone is a controlled substance in the United States. We are unable to prescribe controlled substances on our virtual care platform. We do recommend testosterone for some patients. Those patients have their primary care providers send the prescription under our direction and we then manage your dosing.

3. Can I use my insurance coverage for prescriptions?

Absolutely! Just provide your insurance information to your pharmacy.

4. I don't have health insurance, are prescriptions for menopause symptoms expensive?

FDA-approved natural, plant-based, bioidentical pills, patches, gels and creams are available in generic form and cost-effective using online coupons.

5. Can I choose which pharmacy I would like my prescriptions to be sent?

Absolutely! Just update your preferred pharmacy information in your patient dashboard.

6. How do I change pharmacies?

If you would like to change pharmacies after your prescription has already been sent, please contact the pharmacy you wish to fill the prescription and ask them to arrange a pharmacy-to-pharmacy transfer. Prior to each appointment, we recommend you update your preferred pharmacy information in your patient dashboard.

7. Can I use my mail order pharmacy?

Yes. Just enter your mail-order pharmacy information as your preferred pharmacy in your patient dashboard. If you are looking to change your pharmacy to use mail order after your prescription was sent to your local pharmacy, that is considered a pharmacy-to-pharmacy transfer. Please contact your mail-order pharmacy and they can make the change for you.

8. My pharmacy changed my generic medication brand. Is that ok?

In most cases, a change in generic brand is just fine. If you are feeling unwanted side effects from the generic change, please contact your pharmacy and request they order the generic brand that worked for you.

9. How do I request a refill?

If you need a refill, you are due for a visit. Please schedule one through your patient dashboard. If you are not sure, please message us. Your care coordinator is here to help 24/7.

10. What do I do if my current dose does not seem to be working as well?

Sometimes you need to tweak your treatment. We recommend you schedule a visit so we can make decisions together.

11. Can my menopause specialist choose to send any prescription they determine is best to treat my symptoms?

Yes. However, our online doctor's office does not prescribe any controlled substances.


1. How is your site secure?

MyMenopauseRx uses the latest standards to protect your personal information, encrypting your data both in transit and at rest. Communication between your browser and MyMenopauseRx systems is 256 bit SSL/TLS encrypted, while data stored within our system is encrypted using the AES-256 standard. While medicine is our passion, security is a priority. We routinely conduct security audits and personnel training to ensure that our systems and staff are able to guard your data like it was our own.

2. Is your site HIPAA compliant?


3. Do you sell my personal information?

No. We respect your privacy and will never sell your personal information.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. What is your cancellation policy?

We get it - plans change. If you need to cancel your appointment, we understand:

  • Cancellation: You must cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.
  • Reschedule: You may reschedule your appointment from your patient dashboard if it is greater than 3 days from your scheduled appointment time. If you are unable to self-reschedule or it is less than 3 days from your scheduled appointment, please message us from your patient dashboard for assistance.
  • Late Cancellation (within 24 hours of your appointment): You will be charged a $99 cancellation fee.
  • No Show/Missed Appointments: If you do not attend your scheduled appointment, you will be charged a $99 no-show fee.
  • Conditions Apply: Refunds and visit credits are subject to meeting cancellation criteria.

2. Zoom failed during my appointment. Will I get a refund?

We understand technology fails at times. If you experienced an interruption in your appointment after it was initiated by your doctor or nurse practitioner, a care coordinator will be notified to reschedule your appointment free of charge. No refunds are offered for partial appointments.

3. Do you offer refunds for self ordered lab testing?

We are sorry but we do not offer refunds for self-order lab testing. This policy is highlighted for you on the top of your order page just prior to completing your payment.

Medical Emergency

1. What should I do if I have a medical emergency?

We do not provide emergency care and advise all patients to call 911 or proceed to the closest emergency room.