We Cost Less Than Using Health Insurance!

We Cost Less Than Using Health Insurance!

By Barbra Hanna, DO, NCMP, 05/16/2021

Hi Ladies! This is Dr. Hanna. I was talking to a friend about MyMenopauseRx and health insurance. She told me women need to understand how MyMenopauseRx saves them money and to share our conversation. Here ya go….

Menopause care does not require a physical exam. Why are you paying for something you don’t need?

It’s a fact - MyMenopauseRx makes women feel better for cheaper than using your health insurance. By not contracting with insurance plans, MyMenopauseRx passes the savings onto you. For only $99, you get easy access to menopause specialists on your phone, computer, or tablet from the comfort of your home or work. Like me, a real midlife woman, you are busy. Who has time to waste driving to and from a doctor’s office to have a conversation that could happen from your home or place of work?  

We are a real doctor’s office, just online. You can submit your bill to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement, FSA or HSA benefits.  Depending on your individual health insurance plan, your cost to use MyMenopauseRX may be $0. Unlimited, HIPPA compliant direct messaging to our menopause providers is even included in that price and we respond all days of the week.  

The average new menopause consultation (in-office or virtual) using health insurance costs $180-$249 depending on your insurance plan. I have personally collected this data from my traditional in-person private gynecology practice. My office staff even has to call patients before their virtual visit to collect their copay.  There is a host of other staff and activities behind the scenes that are needed to process your insurance claims.

I, by no means, am suggesting you skip your annual wellness exam with your healthcare provider. Those exams are usually covered at no cost to you and are essential for good health. Many women have their menopause symptoms dismissed or ignored when they bring them up at their wellness visit. Unfortunately, menopause care is not considered wellness according to health insurance plans.

Your health insurance does not cover a wellness visit and a menopause problem visit at the same time. Yup! Your insurance plan has no concern for your time. They require you to schedule another appointment on a different day to use your insurance benefits for menopause symptoms. You are then personally responsible for the out of pocket cost of that visit if your deductible is not met. Worse, most healthcare providers have little to no medical training treating menopause, including your OB/GYN.

Women deserve better!   Save your money and time with our expert menopause care at MyMenopauseRx.

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