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" Jenne, 40

I am 40 years old, started having major health issues with missing a period, then went to the other end of the spectrum of bleeding non-stop for 2 months with major clots being passed. I was exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically from all that was happening to my body and the worst part was I felt so very alone. I cried and cried after going to my GYN that basically said well your body changes as you age it is what it is. I even called the doctors office a few days later to be heard by talking to the nurse and saying how completely disappointing it was to be just pushed aside and given no support as to what was happening to my body and these new changes or what I can even expect or maybe come up with a plan. It was as if they didn't' want to be bothered by all my questions, it was extremely frustrating and I remember telling my mom I wish there was someone out there that helped with this transition in your life. Someone who would listen, care and create a plan to help manage all that is going on while giving me hope. I cried and cried and then someone referred me to MyMenopauseRx, it was as if my prayers had been answered. I remember being a little skeptical at first due to the fact that I'm a single mom and it was out of pocket but I was desperate. I had not stopped bleeding and I was on medication that was not working. I emailed one night explaining all that was going on with me not knowing if they could even help and I was so thankful to wake up the next morning to a reply saying yes we can help. I didn't hesitate to make an appointment, and within two days I was sitting in front of the screen talking with Barbra. It was a 20-minute call, but in that time I felt heard, I felt that she cared and more importantly that we had a plan in place. That lifted so much weight off my shoulders of really feeling cared for. I started progesterone and yes there was a minor changed in my bleeding but by one week on the new meds I stopped bleeding completely!!!! This was the first time in 2 months that I had stopped bleeding. It has been so draining mentally and emotionally that people could visibly see a change in me once I stopped bleeding. I know this is a journey and I know your body changes but I do feel I have someone that will truly support me and has my best interest as her first priority.

" Linda, 53

The site is very efficient and easy to use. I was even able to be seen on a Sunday, which works great with my busy work schedule. Because I didn’t have to leave my home, it was convenient for me to pick up my prescription from my local pharmacy directly following our online appointment. The connection was clear and the doctor’s fee was very reasonable. And concerning my symptoms, they resolved within a week after my appointment with Dr. Hanna. Overall, I’m so grateful to have had such a wonderful experience.

" Terra, 51

I always thought menopause was for my mom or grandmother, never myself. But as I have arrived at this stage of life, I would like to embrace these changes with a more positive attitude.

Dr. Hanna made it easy for me. She reminded me I am not alone and there are small, incremental changes I can do to make myself feel better and embrace it.

Answering a few questions was a great place to start. The questions helped frame different body issues I am experiencing, even those I had not associated with menopause. We discussed different types of treatment, changes in diet and exercise and how to reduce stress.

We women don't take the time we should for ourselves. Thank you Dr. Hanna for the reminder to take care of myself too.

" Michelle, 49

Dr. Hanna is awesome! I was so frustrated with my weight and no matter how much I was dieting and working out the muffin top was not budging. I was sick of not sleeping because of my night sweats. I had talked to my local gynecologist who told me to eat under less than 1000 calories per day and work out more. She said menopause is a part of life, we have to suffer through it. I am so thankful that I found MyMenopauseRx and that she was wrong. Now I don’t have to suffer through it and was able to get help. Dr Hanna listened to me. She gave me great advice. She tested my hormones and was able to get me the help and relief I needed. Thank you Dr Hanna and my MyMenopauseRx team!

" Deb, 57

As a 57 year old mother of four grown kids, it had been too long since my gynecological health was anyone’s focus. However once I entered menopause, my overall health was noticeably and abruptly adversely affected. I suffered suddenly from insomnia, lack of energy, inability to focus, and most obviously a diffused muscle and joint aches & pains that I was terrified of arthritis and would be chronic. I was far from my usual self.

My GP recommended I see Dr. Barb Hanna. After my initial consultation, Dr. Hanna quickly identified the likely issues and, sure enough, with the introduction of Hormone Therapy and the MyMenopauseRx program, I am my usual energetic, engaged, well-rested, book-loving, pain-free self again. And sex is great again!

" Alissa, 49

Barb Hanna is very informative and efficient. She responded quickly and resolved all my issues. She is super easy to talk with and extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!

The website is very user friendly. She has a lot of availability and I was able to choose a time that worked for me within no time.

" Jill, 51

Late last November I had my first physical in quite a while with a new doctor. She asked me the date of my last period. The answer obviously signaling that I had experienced menopause. She quickly went on to next question on her chart, completely ignoring this change in my life. I felt dismissed and defeated. As the weeks went by, I started doing research on all the symptoms I was experiencing. It was through that research that I discovered Dr. Hanna. Reaching out to Dr. Hanna 3 months ago was one of the best decisions I’ve made. In that short time I have lost 25 pounds, enjoyed increased energy and feel healthier than I have in a long time. It has encouraged me to make other positive changes in my life. I have definitely learned the importance of quality of life and self care. Thank you for being so passionate about women’s health issues Dr. Hanna!